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My July Top 5: Credit Card Points Offers

I'm here to introduce a new monthly credit card points and promotions series I'm calling my Top 5. Each month I plan to share 5 noteworthy promotions and offers which I'm either maximizing or keeping an eye on. Some offers will range from the Chase Freedom Quarterly accelerators, or a one-time American Express offer. I'll use this series to document exciting offers which I would recommend for you. And, as further justification, this series will be a great way for me to personally keep track of the many offers that are coming my way and deciding which ones to pursue.

So let's get started with My July Top 5:

1. Chase Freedom Quarterly 5X Bonus: Amazon and Whole Foods

One of my favorite no-fee credit cards is the Chase Freedom card which is the perfect card to round out my wallet. Normally, the card earns 1X points per dollar spent automatically, though each quarter, there are bonuses which offer 5X points per purchase by specific categories up to $1,500 in spend, or 7,500 points. Consider it a gamified experience where you'll earn extra rewards for completing a 3 month challenge.

For Quarter 3 from July to September 2020, the Chase Freedom Quarterly 5X Bonus goes to any purchase with Amazon and Whole Foods up to $1,500 in spend, which is a great offer considering our new life in quarantine. Best part is Amazon Gift Cards also qualify for the bump in points.

JETALBERT July Top 5 | Chase Freedom Quarter 3 Bonus Offers

2. American Express Offer: Rimowa 10,000 Additional Membership Reward Points

Although I'm unable to fly, to no one's surprise, I still find myself thinking about it most of the time. So I was particularly excited when I saw a targeted American Express Offer for 10,000 additional Membership Reward Points with the purchase of $600 or more from luxury luggage maker Rimowa.

American Express Offers can be found under your account profile on either desktop or through the American Express app. Offers will range from additional Membership Reward points to statement credits and discounts. It's quite the treasure hunt, which makes it all the more fun.

JETALBERT July Top 5 | American Express + Rimowa Promotion

3. Chase Sapphire Partnership: 3X and 5X Points on Instacart Orders

Chase Sapphire and Instacart have teamed up to offer Preferred and Reserve cardholders more ways to earn extra points on groceries and household items. A new benefit with 3X or 5X points depending on which Chase Sapphire card you carry, cardholders have until September 30, 2020 to spend up to $3,000 in purchases through Instacart for up to 15,000 points without registration. Here's a breakdown, and link to Chase for more information:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred: 3X Points, up to 9,000 Points ($3000 X 3)

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve: 5X Points, up to 15,000 Points ($3,000 X 5)

The Instacart App is a seamless platform that allows you to shop from nearby groceries stores and have your order delivered direct to your doorstep. It's a wonderful experience in particular now as we're in quarantine.

JETALBERT July Top 5 | Chase Sapphire + Instacart Partnership

4. American Express Platinum Promotion: $20 Streaming Services Credit

In early-May, American Express announced a unique offer up to $40 in monthly statement credits until December 31, 2020, including $20 for Streaming Services, and $20 for Wireless Telephone Services. Both credits are automatically applied assuming your provider is included, though I doubt there will be problems given how comprehensive the list is. I'm currently applying my monthly credit to cover my Netflix subscription, which is $15.99 per month.

JETALBERT July Top 5 | AMEX Streaming Services Credit

5. Alaska Mileage Plan Promotion: 5X Miles on Apple Purchases

Apple will occasionally offer a generous bump in points when purchasing through a program's shopping portal, like United, Delta, or Chase. On July 13, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Shopping Portal was offering a one-day 5X points promotion on all Apple purchases. With my purchase, I earned nearly 10,000 points excluding the points earned from credit card spend which is a phenomenal return. Using a shopping portal is a fantastic source of points when looking to increase your points balance through everyday spend.

JETALBERT July Top 5 | Alaska + Apple 5X Miles

The Takeaway

Credit card companies are offering creative and relevant opportunities to drum up cardholder spend. For July, I was most excited to see additional Chase points on Amazon and Whole Food purchases or continuing to maximize the American Express streaming services statement credit. Finding these offers are not difficult, though remembering which card to use and when is key to maximizing these deals. As we roll into the back half of 2020, I hope to see additional offers around grocery spend, and perhaps travel related purchases too as soon as it's safe to fly.