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New Accolade: JETALBERT Named Instagrammer of the Week on

I will be the first (and last) to admit: maintaining a blog and a branded Instagram account is no simple feat. Between writing the content and photo-editting to page layout and driving readership, depending on the piece, each post averages 2-3 working days to meet my high standards of quality content. Examples can be a Trip Review, which is more thorough, than a Fare Sale or Travel Tip. On top of that, I recently started a new job in a new city, which has occupied most of my time. But as the saying goes, "What is worth doing, is worth doing well."

All the hard work recently paid off when the awesome team at Award Travel ( reached out to feature me as their Instagrammer of the Week, a high recognition for the website's influencer series. I responded with an un-resounding Hell Yes to be a part of their series! The experience included a full Q&A about myself and vision for my website which featured in full on their website and Instagram account. It was an absolute honor to be recognized for my content and passion to help others reach their flying goals.

Check out my full interview and feature over at