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Part 1: Singapore Airlines First Class Sweet Spot? Hong Kong - Los Angeles for 92,000 KrisFlyer Mile

I'm convinced I have just struck gold. Or, perhaps, discovered a dinosaur fossil. This is every #AvGeeksDream to fly Singapore Airlines First Class for over 30+ hours. I've scoured the web for a post on this incredible topic, with no match. As luck would have it, I will soon be confirmed to fly Singapore Airlines First Class from Hong Kong - Singapore - Tokyo - Los Angeles for just 92,000 KrisFlyer Miles Saver Level, which is an incredible bargain.

To put this incredible find into perspective:

  • Singapore Airlines First Class from Singapore - Los Angeles will cost 118,000 KrisFlyer Miles + taxes

  • Asiana Airlines Business Class from Singapore - Los Angeles will cost 90,000 MileagePlus Miles + taxes

  • Asiana Airlines Business Class from Singapore - Los Angeles will cost 140,000 MileagePlus Miles + taxes

  • Cathay Pacific First Class from Singapore - Los Angeles will cost 160,000 Avios + taxes

Even better, I have screenshots to prove the mileage requirements, which I found via Singapore Airlines own website and booking tool.

Of course, the inner cynic in me wanted to verify this was not a mistake. I proceeded to complete the booking online only to be shown an increased mileage requirement to 155,000 KrisFlyer Miles. Drat.

Next step was to call Singapore Airlines directly. Luckily, Singapore Airlines call center agents are quite knowledgeable and friendly. I told the agent which flights I wanted to book, she quoted me 155,000 KrisFlyer Miles. I mentioned to her that may not be the correct mileage for two reasons:

  1. Your website shows 92,000 Miles, which alone should be honored.

  2. I find it hard to believe the miles difference between the Saver and Advantage Level is just 5,000 KrisFlyer Miles (155,000 vs 160,000 respectively.

The agent asked to look into this further and would call me back. Within minutes, she confirmed the 92,000 KrisFlyer Miles was indeed correct and this particularly routing would need to be completed and adjusted manually over the phone. Great! I requested the seats be put on hold while I transfer the miles from my Chase Ultimate Rewards account.

48 Hours later, my Ultimate Rewards points successfully transferred into my KrisFlyer account and I was ready to complete the booking. This evening, I called to complete the booking only to be met with the same issues. Obviously a different agent answered the phone and quoted me 155,000 KrisFlyer Miles. I proceeded to tell her all the points above. She said the booking would need to be escalated but not to worry, they will be honoring what is shown on the website.

Now, I anxiously wait to find out if I actually found a dinosaur fossil or just some chicken bones in my backyard. And, if this works out, I will have booked a $10,380.40 seat and my first Singapore Airlines First Class experience. More to come.

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