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The Comfort Series: A Guide to Amenity Kits, Turkish Airlines

Today, I’m so excited to launch a new series on called the Comfort Series: A Guide to Amenity Kits. This recurring series will unpack the many amenity kits I’ve collected on my global adventures from British Airways First Class, Lufthansa First Class, Korean Air First Class, and more. Each post will showcase the various design trends, cosmetic lines, and amenities provided by the world’s top airlines for their premium customers. This is a series that I’ve longed waited to write and thrilled to be launching now.

Airline amenity kits are typically compact bundles of travel essentials given complimentary to passengers flying in a premium cabin, like First Class and Business Class. For the most comfortable flying experience, sometimes it just takes an eye mask to fall asleep or having a disposable hairbrush to use pre-arrival. However, over the years, amenity kits have evolved beyond a simple eye-mask or earplugs. Today, travelers can expect elaborate co-branded luxury kits filled with beauty and skin-hydrating regiments, quality pajamas, and more. Most times, I gift these awesome kits to friends and family because they're packed full of quality and expensive beauty care samples.

Up first, let’s take a look into Turkish Airlines and their sleek all-black Business Class amenity kit, which was designed in collaboration with luxury carmaker Jaguar.

Airline: Turkish Airlines

Route: Istanbul (IST) - San Francisco (SFO)

Service: Business Class

Collaboration: Jaguar

Color: Jet Black

Cosmetics: Jaguar Body Lotion, Jaguar Lip Balm, Signal Toothpaste

Essentials: Eye-Mask, Brush, Shoe Horn, Toothbrush, Socks

Bags: 1 Large Bag, 1 Pull String Bag, 1 Small Bag

This kit was offered on my long-haul flight back in 2016. And while it's nearly 3 years old, I'm still amazed by its timeless designs, features, and quality goods. Frankly, I have yet to see another quality Business Class amenity kit of its kind.

Within the kit includes a range of travel essentials from cosmetic products to a shoe horn and ear plugs. While the contents of the kit are standard, the bag itself is what I love most. Unlike most kits, this particular square shaped holster actually serves many purposes and even large enough to fit a pair of women's sandals. I find it rare to see a bag of this size.

Next, the kit design and finishes bring out the synergies between Turkish Airlines and carmaker Jaguar, both known for sleek, modern, and quality experiences. Lastly, the stylish black design continues throughout the contents of the bag like the black and silver lotion, and black socks with a stylish anti-grip cross pattern in white.

This Turkish Airlines Business Class amenity kit is not only unique, but also matches the level of quality the airline offers its premium travelers, which I would describe as a super Business Class or a junior First Class experience. You can read about my Turkish Airlines Business Class experience by clicking here.

The Takeaway

Straight to the point - this kit should be considered the gold-standard of Business Class amenity kits. Beginning with the multi-purpose and large bag, which is both useful and visually appealing. Inside, the kit includes the basics cosmetic and skincare products surely to make the flight even more enjoyable. The color scheming completes Turkish Airlines’ amenity bag with consistent all-black items like the shoe horn, hair brush, and body lotion tube.

With this kit, Turkish Airlines stands out with product quality and design, elevated further with their Jaguar partnership that makes it even more exclusive and cohesive.

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