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Making Your Rewards, Even More Rewarding

The Fall 2020 launch of JETALBERT V2 brings an even more rewarding points journey, centered around you.

New features coming soon

Our latest development will bring greater personalization paired with an advanced scoring algorithm to deliver exacting results.

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Adding fuel to our powerful algorithms to curate the best Award redemptions for you. You’ll experience maximized value from a frequent flyers perspective through our personalized algorithms.

User profiles will soon rollout to transform your points journey. Enjoy a personal space with features to save and directly manage your points balances under a single login.

A new subscription package will allow you to compliment our algorithms to create your own personal points goals, making your rewards, even more rewarding.

What Users Are Saying

Partner with us

We are dedicated to helping our travel partners garner maximum exposure, awareness, and success.

Truly beautiful, it’s well done. It’s nice, it feels premium.”


The points world is complex to navigate, and I’m happy that can inspire me with options that I didn’t even know were available.



Meet Albert

Hi I'm Albert, a former corporate Marketing Director turned Founder. I believe in helping people understand the true value of your credit card miles and loyalty programs, which is why I launched, a platform and tool designed to help readers navigate the complexities of the US points and loyalty industry.

Through quality content and data-driven tools, I hope you will become inspired to maximize your own trips by using saved-up credit card and loyalty points to reach your goals. Whether that's a 5-star trip to the Maldives, or even a business trip to New York, each trip is special in their own way and can be made even more special with points.

Follow me on Instagram @jetalbert for daily content, or reach out to me directly if you're looking for a good points conversation.

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